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9782819907466 - Irving Bacheller: Charge It - Book

Irving Bacheller (?):

Charge It (?)

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9782819907466 (?) or 2819907466

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eBook, Charge It
Data from 06/15/2011 22:55h
ISBN (alternative notations): 2-8199-0746-6, 978-2-8199-0746-6
Archive entry:
9782819907466 - Irving Bacheller: 'Charge It' Keeping Up With Harry - Book

Irving Bacheller (?):

'Charge It' Keeping Up With Harry (?)

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9782819907466 (?) or 2819907466

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It may interest, if it does not comfort, the reader to know that this little story is built upon facts. The ride of Harry, the hundred-dollar pimple, the psychological hair, the downfall of Roger, all happened, while the Bishop's Head is one of the possessions of a New England family.
Category: Books ~~ Fiction ~~ Classics
Keywords: Charge-It-Keeping-up-with-Harry Irving-Bacheller
Data from 05/06/2013 06:58h
ISBN (alternative notations): 2-8199-0746-6, 978-2-8199-0746-6


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