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Aziz Razvi (?):

Betrayal: A political study of British relations with the Nizams of Hyderabad (1998) (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaBook is in english languageNew book

9789698514105 (?) or 9698514104

, in english, 192 pages, South Asia Publications, New
PKR 4,938 ($ 38.03)¹ + Shipping: PKR 2,201 ($ 16.95)¹ = PKR 7,140 ($ 54.98)¹(without obligation)
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From Seller/Antiquarian, EternalBooks US
Unknown Binding, Label: South Asia Publications, South Asia Publications, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 1998, Studio: South Asia Publications
Platform order number 03wrYibGyLbjfiusnzwdW6nycl7fqv5EdpMDqPmZEE%2BtUiRR7jzTYaRXlFgs18VdPktBMuqaqQgdA8RwFYebu2F0RFniH0IfW%2BROoEK%2Bx2I3mC28Hh6YsRQn5tok1D4CE8SFGRadZsRD%2BC3dDh%2FnEI2NTlfCUVNi
Keywords: Books, History, Asia, India, Europe, Great Britain, England
Data from 01/05/2017 21:01h
ISBN (alternative notations): 969-8514-10-4, 978-969-8514-10-5


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