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9781549975295 - Morganna Williams, Jack Crosby, Jeremy Croston, Jeff Trelewicz: Twisted & Sinful Stories
Morganna Williams, Jack Crosby, Jeremy Croston, Jeff Trelewicz (?):

Twisted & Sinful Stories (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9781549975295 (?) or 1549975293, in english, 236 pages, Independently published, Paperback, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian,
*Reader advisory warning – each of these tales includes strong language and/or adult situations. Discretion is advised. In this delightfully sinful anthology, we have four original tales (plus a bonus one if you can find it!) that travel from dark and humorous to sinful and erotic. Each one is sure to capture your imagination in more ways than one. Each author has also provided a chapter from a selection of their choosing for you to enjoy. So sit back and relax as it is time to read some twisted tales… Merciless – The Pirate Argus Fletcher gets caught up in a wild tale of epic proportions. What starts out of just a hurricane coming for Lost Haven turns into much more when he discovers Jormungandr, the World Serpent is creating it. With the help of everyone’s favorite Lust demon Roxanne, a talking sword, and mermaids more interested in breeding than anything else, Argus may have a chance. The high seas await matey, so come join the captain of The Black Cat – Argus Fletcher, the Merciless. Paranormal Contact 2.5 – Shawn and Brad are still in St. Augustine, Florida. What paranormal activity will they find? What kind of chaos can these two stir up in one of the most haunted cities in America? They visit some of their favorite places and a few places none of their friends had explored earlier. Who knows what or who they will see this time around! The Tragic Tale of Cinderella – The story passed down from generation to generation isn’t the entire truth. Everyone wants a happy ending, but in some cases, the truth isn’t always pretty. The real story of a girl named Ella and her rebellion against the Lady Tremaine needs to be told so that she gets the due she deserves. Forget all you know about princesses and glass slippers; prepare yourself for a tale of loss, the unnatural, and yes even forbidden love. How do I know all this you ask? My name is John and I was just a stable boy, that is until I met the one they came to call Cinderella. Primal Heat – Kyra just wants to be left alone by the shifter community. She doesn’t want to take on a mate and she certainly doesn’t want to be forced into submission by some overbearing hulk of a creature. Yet her twin sister Kalypso is taking matters into her own hands. She knows Kyra’s destined mate (the tiger shifter Quinn) and with a little subterfuge, gets him to agree to kidnap her for a weekend fantasy. The problem? Kyra has no idea and she won’t be pleased. For Kalypso’s plan to succeed, Quinn will have to force out the inner shifter through some well needed spanking. This weekend is about to get real hot real fast. paperback, Label: Independently published, Independently published, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2017-10-15, Studio: Independently published
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-5499-7529-3, 978-1-5499-7529-5


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