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1601940238 - Keith E Ayers: Engagement Is Not Enough
Keith E Ayers (?):

Engagement Is Not Enough (?)

ISBN: 1601940238 (?) or 9781601940230, in english, Elevate, Used

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business and finance,business and investing,leadership,management,management and leadership,motivational,textbooks, Engagement Is Not Enough: You Need Passionate Employees to Achieve Your Dream, Lack of employee engagement is like a cancer, eating away at your organization's vital organs. It saps your organization's strength, directly affecting your organization's ability to achieve the levels of customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability you know you could achieve. Keith Ayers presents a compelling argument that the focus on engagement has failed because leaders think engagement can be bought through bonuses, benefits, and share options. That is like trying to cure cancer with an aspirin or band-aid. The cure for the cancer of disengagement is for leaders to look in the mirror at the leadership they provide. In this in-depth exploration of the leadership skills needed to get every employee to want to perform at their best, Ayers challenges leaders to stop focusing on engagement, and set their sights on igniting the fire of passion in their employees.
9781601940230 - Keith Ayers: Engagement Is Not Enough
Keith Ayers (?):

Engagement Is Not Enough (?)

ISBN: 9781601940230 (?) or 1601940238, in english, Advantage Media Group, hardcover, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
Engagement-Is-Not-Enough~~Keith-Ayers, Engagement Is Not Enough, hardcover