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ISBN: 9787811242911

9787811242911 - 周文隆, 熊焰, 作者: 周文隆, 作者: 熊焰: 流体动力学专论
周文隆, 熊焰, 作者: 周文隆, 作者: 熊焰 (?):

流体动力学专论 (2011) (?)

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ISBN: 9787811242911 (?) or 7811242915, in english, 315 pages, 北京航空航天大学出版社, New

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《流体动力学专论》内容简介:A Treatise in Fluid Dynamics is a textbook for beginning engineering students who have background ofbasic calculus and'physics. This textbook follows a typical sequence of topics of dynamics of fluids by startingwith an introduction to the subject, concentrating on terminologies, simple concepts, and clarifying adoption ofthe system and control volume approach to describe the motion of the fluid. It then follows by unsteady im-pressible incompressible flows, impressible potential flows, numerical computation of fluid dynamic problems,viscous flows, and open channel flows. A large numbers of examples, such as sluice gate, a sharp crestedweir, jet-plate interaction, etc. , are presented throughout the textbook to emphasize the applications of fluiddynamics to various practical problems. Some simple Fortran computer programs are provided for calculatingincompressible potential flow past simple geometrical bodies based upon surface source distributions and otherproblems. As this textbook is the extended version of the lecture notes prepared by the first author throughouthis career of teaching and research in the areas of gas dynamics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics at theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Florida Atlantic University, it can serve as a useful referencebook for graduate students and researchers in the related technical fields. 平装, 版: 第1版, 标签: 北京航空航天大学出版社, 北京航空航天大学出版社, 产品组: Book, 出版: 2011-06-01, 工作室: 北京航空航天大学出版社, 销售排名: 1520900