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9788129127488 - Amaresh Misra: Lucknow Fire of Grace
Amaresh Misra (?):

Lucknow Fire of Grace (2004) (?)

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ISBN: 9788129127488 (?) or 8129127482, in english, 378 pages, Rupa Publications India, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
LUCKNOW: FIRE OF GRACE is the first, full-length, historical and contemparary narravtive, covering a time span of more than 250 years, from 1722 till the present, of the Indian subcontinent's most fascinating city culture. The book gives a mnemonic shock as it redefines the Indo-Persia, Lucknowi way of beauty, politics, cuisine, fashion, architecture, money making, sensation, 'ada', 'zaban', honour and culture as authentic Indianess - in opposition to Hindutva, Jinnah's two nation theory, and Nehruvian 'pseudo'-anglicised secularism. Kindle Edition, स्वरूप: Kindle eBook, लेबल: Rupa Publications India, Rupa Publications India, उत्पाद समूह: eBooks, प्रकाशित: 2004-02-02, रिलीज की तारीख: 2012-09-11, स्टूडियो: Rupa Publications India, बिक्री रैंक: 79062