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Researching Information Systems and Computing -compare every offer

9788178297590 - J. Briony Oates: Researching Information Systems and Computing
J. Briony Oates (?):

Researching Information Systems and Computing (2007) (?)

ISBN: 9788178297590 (?) or 8178297590, in english, Sage Publications, Paperback, New

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INDIAN EDITION, paperback, लेबल: Sage Publications, Sage Publications, उत्पाद समूह: Book, प्रकाशित: 2007, स्टूडियो: Sage Publications
Platform order number Hg6ddLoFLO%2BGUiLz6KKpGqSekQRo 5RS2FFmSrOv%2BUEuIcATEJg9YAsFc KsreZQbsJaWCECKY%2B0Iu0QBro8w8 XjdZWutqfNOjgeqnC7VqyB04MYSVbB Ko8AWB0%2Fc3INq15%2Fgc3ge9I1u1 B70ScNem9NY2EyvYLEs%2B
Keywords: Books, Business & Money, Management & Leadership, Computer & Technology Industry, Management Information Systems, Microsoft Project, Search Engine Optimization, SharePoint, Social Media for Business, Software, Web Marketing, Windows Server, Computers & Technology, Business Technology, Reference, Writing, Research & Publishing Guides
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ISBN (alternative notations): 81-7829-759-0, 978-81-7829-759-0


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